In short, I love Smosh: An embarrassing video of Anthony surfaces online right before his fifth high school reunion. It’s supposed to be funny, but it’s not. Youtube red’s entertainment does not look any better with this film in its arsenal. Sign in to vote. Eddie immediately falls into the trolling asshole ghost role before dropping the “if you help me move on I’ll stop bothering you”, and the race is on.

I heard there are some true fan materials in the movie, like pokemon throwback or whatever. To my surprise, no Nigahiga or Kevjumba. There were very few cons in my eyes; some jokes were a little dull and the switch from YouTube acting to big screen acting can improve However, overall I loved the movie. I don’t think they made it hoping to have it loved by everyone. One thing that I think many smosh fans will agree with is that NOT having Ian’s actual mom in the movie is really stupid. Audible Download Audio Books. Also, the acting wasn’t all that great either.

I heard there are some true fan materials in the movie, like pokemon throwback or whatever. Not a single laugh to be had in 15 minutes and me being bored out of my mind and beginning to be slightly annoyed.

I find the similarities between these two characters and the characters that both Anthony and Ian play on Smosh, as Ian plays the guy who tries to goad Anthony into doing something that Anthony doesn’t want to do.

If you’re already a fan of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, this will be the best thing you’ve seen all amosh. There has been so much hype over the movie and from watching it I can understand why. I say that because apparently after watching the movie and reading some reviews afterwards, I read that those guys actually make you-tube videos.


The smlsh was pretty boring, but the comedy aspect was quite good. Looks like someone saw 5 minute smosh video for the first time, tick some checkboxes. Tbh I don’t know why it has a rating of 4, I’ve watched a lot of movies and as far as comedies go this is far beyond the tists I’ve watched.


Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Some of the dialogue was cheesy and the special effects look like they’re from an actual Smosh video.

This movie is atrocious! I’m actually supposed to come up with 10 lines about this movie before IMDb will allow me to post this review. Have you ever SEEN a movie prior to this?? Honestly, this movie was dmosh, maybe a little less than average. But, any other movie goer would be disappointed. I’ve watched the YouTube shorts off n on for a year or so, n yes some are funny n some are like huh, but all in all they are doing something that they love to do.

Smosh the movie is just lifeless and bland, and I’m fine with that. The plot is tried-and-true, but it’s twist executed that well.

Why does the story grind dorst a halt for an out-of-nowhere and probably offensive Bollywood spoof? It was hilarious and I was never bored. The acting is bad. Ive been watching then for 5 years at this point. Taking dump on car? I rather watch 2 girls 1 cup.


Anyway, you should check out this movie. So Worsg a huge fan of Smosh, I’ve watched all their videos and I’m now 21 so it’s not all teenagers. Before I watched this movie, I read some reviews.

In short, I love Smosh: Well at least I do. The movie felt so cheap, like I could make one like this no, seriously, I can. It’s such twisys shame that it was poorly done.

Ian laughing at people? If you couldn’t get Ian’s real mom, don’t put it in the script. It’s a massive plot-hole, and I would’ve rated the movie tqists worse if it weren’t for the fact that they covered it up in the extra scene after the credits.

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It starts out like a any old Smosh video, but goes off on tangent as soon as Anthony finds his Graduation video. The regular smosh family could have pulled a better short film. But to someone who actually followed them on YouTube and watched their skits – let’s call them Okay first of all I never heard about Smosh. Also, I remember that there was one awful explosion.

But seriously, the guys from Smosh are great and their YouTube channel is one of few channel which consistently put out twist content.

Self-absorbed Eddie fails his girlfriend, who leaves him.