I saw this book, The art on the cover, the title of it, and was instantly in love. Ich finde, dass es in der Geschichte viel um Helden und Antihelden geht und gerade die Unterscheidung thematisiert beziehungsweise in Frage gestellt wird. What’s the Name o I love w They always say never to judge a book by its cover, but I always do. When I looked on goodreads and saw an average rating of over 4 stars, I was sold. Feb 01, Vanessa rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a book I highly recommend to ALL.

View all 11 comments. My favorite thing about the settings here especially underworld is that they’re so stuffed with history, specific, unique species, customs and culture that each of them creates a totally specific atmosphere. Rumo and Smyke adventure together, but eventually they decide to go their separate ways, since Smyke wants to find civilization, and Rumo wants to follow the mysterious Silver Thread. This is a really freaking great book, perfect to relieve your brain if you read too many books written by PhDs. There are so many of them, yet everyone stays with you in their own unique way. It’s such a shame I don’t speak German, or else I’d be laping up the rest of his books in a heartbeat. It was a really Fun read. A fractured fairy tale comic adventure that’s whimsical, weird, violent, philosophical and great fun for me.

Contains Pimeyden ihmeet 2: It just makes it a better reading …more It’s not necessary but I would recommend it, since characters from previous books will appear in the later ones. This is mainly due to Moers’ fertile imagination. In der dritten Person erlebt man in Rumo das Geschehen im Augenblick mit, was diesen Roman von Moers vorherigen stark differenziert. Think of the princess bride I personally enjoyed the latter more. Trotzdem ist es aber spannend geblieben.


Ein typisches wunderbares Walter Moers Buch. You learn about him and his species and the world in which these characters exist right alongside Rumo himself.

Frank Baum and the entire staff DC Comics. Rumo and Smyke adventure together, but eventually they decide to go their separate ways, since Smyke wants to find civilization, and Rumo wants to follow the mysterious Silver Thread. Sehr viel Spannung also. Under the coaching of Volzotan Smyke first seen in “Bluebear” he is brought to his potential to fight the Demonocles and free himself and his fellow captives.

This is my favorite Walter Moers book so far.

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I saw this book, The art on the cover, the title of it, and was instantly in love. He also finds what the Silver Thread represents; a lovely female Wolperting named Rala. Blood must gush from every foe!

Kudos to the translator.

There wasn’t a single scene that did not have a larger significance later on, and is often brought into a wider context. To me the most fascinating thing about the Zamonia books and the reason I love them so much in the first place in that they’re super tongue-in-cheek, self-aware fantasy. If you’re a fantasy adventires it worth reading, but I can’t imagine putting it on any must read, or best of lists.

Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Personification. Dieses Buch ist von so genialen Wortwitz das es gar nicht mehr besser geht. We should all have some Wolperting in us. While Terry’s adventure can often feel laboured and overdone, moer’s writing flows more naturally. View all 6 comments.

Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures

Hardcoverpages. What I love the most about Moers, and by extension Rumo, i My thoughts: The illustrations made by the author are great to better understand his visions. Also, he can’t swim. From an early age, he is able to scent colored threads in the atmosphere—one being movvie Silver Thread, which he is compelled to follow.


We stretch out and expand. The writing is playful and sharp.

Here be monsters

Rumo, after passing through several deadly trials, is led to Hel by Ribble and his master. I immediately went out and bought the other two books of his that have been translated into English. Bronson Pinchot is a terrific narrator with a fantastic range of vocal characterizations.

Retrieved from ” https: Unfortunately, all of adventurfs Hackonian Dwarves and Rumo are kidnapped by the Demonocles, a breed of giant Demons that delight in eating living things alive in opposition to many Zamonians. I thought this was a pleasure, and I plan to read a Oh! Want to Read saving…. Why is creativity and illustration reserved rummo children’s books? Dieses Buch ist ein wahres Meisterwerk, soetwas liest man nicht alle Tage. Just as Captain Bluebear’s story began with his capture, when a cub, by miniature pirates, so Rumo’s opens with his abduction, as a puppy, by one-eyed ogres who roam the seas inside a floating mountain.

Two worlds, love, losses, fights, growing up, even biology. As the story closes, Rumo approaches Rala’s house, holding the casket in hand. Beides ist einfach nur genial.

Blood must spurt and blood must flow! Mar 13, Stephen Robert Collins rated it it was amazing. Jan 01, sina. Your use of the site and services xdventures subject to these policies and terms.

Jun 26, Emily rated it liked it. Dont be fooled, this is not a children’s book, its dark at times