I felt especially this way in when LoGH was blowing up as the big thing here. Bakabt was the best place to get it and it’s pretty much unavailable without streaming now Why do you guys think Bakabt got deleted? Having slipped out of Mash’s apartment, Ishtar is overwhelmed by the variety of music and individuality on the Earth and walks around the city while trying to find the ship of the Alus. It’s the only reason they manage to have seed retention. Commander Exxegran debriefs Silvie about the events of the previous episode. Why should I chase for a flac BD rip? And otaku would actually buy laserdiscs, to get the best possible. There are like 1k power users and way less elite even though you only need 40 more uploads and a fuck ton of yen to get it.

Don’t worry about if senpai, as this user says Even on nyaa you can find entire seeded batches of obscure shit like city hunter, so it doesn’t really matter. Oniisama e is the pinnacle of the Dezaki style, however, and much better looking. Well my account still works so I’m in the clear. Meanwhile, Feff’s soldiers are also looking for her, and some of them have been shot down. If BakaBT really goes full serious-mode private tracker and does away with its black list, will it get an invite forum to other trackers? Anime and Sup Forums both need to get less mainstream, I’m eagerly awaiting the day.

Ishtar sings a love song and the remaining Emulators join her as well, prompting the remaining Marduk warships to open fire against Ingues. Exactly what I did. The credit page lists it as Dec I will never fill out some faggy application to bakant asian cartoons. Anyone knows if there’s some kind of anime releases database?

My own personal definition of a fan is someone who considers themselves a fan of it. Sylvie catches Hibiki as he’s leaving the SNN building and wants to talk with him. Get ready to seed.


Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again – Wikipedia

Send in as many or as often as you like. Weren’t they private to star with?

Nah you can find older stuff that’s that either never got a bluray release or the one it did never got ripped or is only available raw, with no DVD ISOs pretty frequently. The manga is better. But now my chance to watch the rest of a huge backlog of older anime and catch up to those staples everyone has already seen is gone, I feel like shit. Merry Gear Solid 1 and 2 were a good time waster.

Eureka Seven

So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season. The media continues to cover up the Marduk threat and uses the opportunity to promote the annual Moon Festival, which piques Ishtar’s interest. I am also interested in downsizing the mkv file for use with the iPad, is there any recommended program to do this?

Why that should make their shows with homages necessarily bad is a mystery. You can directly download from most streaming sites, and if hard drive space is an issue, you can always pick the “p” option which for some reason is the most space-efficient.

I don’t think it can reach the heights of SBR with it’s gargantuan 9. Thanks for reminding me that I even have an account. I only used it to download OST. Jizzy, I know you have no idea how to argue for shit, tokiyashiro said: Spacy and Marduk warships and new rules for ship-to-ship combat. We also share information about your use of our site with our advertising and analytics partners.

Really sucks, I’ve grabbed tons from BakaBT. Everything you listed can be grabbed from nyaa with plenty of seeds.


There’s way more than 6. And you’ll still be contributing more than CR subs. Pous said it shouldn’t be a problem for most of the people here since the examples being posted almost always have a seeded torrent.

I used to have slow internet and no money for HD but things have changed since then.

He is assigned to fly a civilian Valkyrie and bring the drunk Dennis to cover the story. Getting a letter for seeding anime is very rare, and the ways they send the letters out just check if you are on the peer list, not if you are uploading.

You don’t recognize them.

No, it just made the search features easier, after you found the torrent you just opened it on a new private window. The Warrior Strike Witches: Inhe began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: Bkaabt replace all your Kyoani shows with p.

She confesses her real identity to Hibiki, and explains that they use the Zentradi to destroy any foreign cultures, with the Emulators keeping them in line. So far, whenever it looked like piracy is endangered, it overcame it. There are no DDLs for ep yet… lol lolx btw 66,9……. I have 5 invites to AB that I’ll never use.

The Warcraft movie gives me a massive nostalgia boner, I played A LOT of WC2 with my cousin when I was or something like that, I hope that the movie becomes huge and we get sequels that use WC3 lore, which would be epic.